JAKL Machine, LLC
Jasper, MN  U.S.A.

About Us

On the serious side, I have been machining for over 25 years - 16+ years on my own.  Our first shop was Rodman Machining & Design, Inc.  We learned alot during the RMD years....doing both job shop work and producing our own products for the VTwin aftermarket motorcycle industry. You can find our products on countless magazine covers and show winning customs.

In May of 2010 I was diagnosed with tongue cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.  I under went 35 radiation treatments, 3 rounds of chemo, and spent 50 days in the hospital during a 3-month time period, all the while trying to run the shop with help from family and friends.  By the fall of 2010, we knew we could not keep going the way we were.  We closed and sold out the shop in Dec. 2010.  I needed to heal and took the wait-and-see approach as to what was next.  In February 2011, I was declared cancer-free and in remission.  Slowly I started to feel better and get some energy back.  I started working for myself again in May 2011.  The new company name - JAKL Machine - is named after our 4 beautiful children.  The abbreviation is the initials of their middle names - James Ann Kay Lynne. 

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